Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm not a murderer

I've been researching the idea of writing a murder mystery but now I'm contemplating writing the book without a murder. Of course then it won't be a murder mystery. In fact now the main character finds a new life in an old city instead of a murder. Now the main character is looking for clues of life in his new home which happens to be his hometown. I'm not sure if I'm not cute out for murder but I think this time it's because I couldn't kill the character that was to be murdered (the father of the main character). I'm currently reading Jay McInerney's book STORY OF MY LIFE and I'm nearly a third the way into the book and nothing really has happened but a lot of contemplation, reflection, complaining, soul searching and evaluating the quality of the life-styles of the main character's friends. This book could actually use a murder.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Writing As Fast As I Can

After nearly two years of ignoring my old blog (cubbywritesmiami/ I'm returning to the blog scene. During my absence I finished my novel that I have started and restarted and lost twice on computers that died. The novel is called SOUTH BEACH STAR and is the fictional account of a South Beach nightlife writer set in the mid-nineties. I've just started research on my second novel (while waiting to hear from agents who have the first novel) which is about a writer who seeks to find his father's murderer. I'm hoping this return to the blog world connects me to other writers and possibly agents and/or publishers. If not, I still plan on writing as fast as I can.